Peace and addiction

Yoga Helps Addiction Recovery and Long-Term Sobriety

Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass teach us an understanding of the power of learning a yoga practice to deepen the meaning of addiction rehab and recovery.

Wayne Dyer has died
Wayne Dyer
has died
5/10/40 – 8/20/15

Be Here For Him, Now
Wayne Dyer used his influence to be a part of the financial support for Ram Dass; who had given most of his money away experienced a stroke and needed help.

His guru told him love everyone, feed people and see God everywhere. Ram Dass became a person who lived out this mandate—he did what so many of us could only dream. He connected to his spirit and devoted his life to serving others.
he donated all of the royalties and profits to foundations that did just that.

San Juan Capistrano recovery

May the peace of God rule your heart and mind

With millions of dollars at stake, Ram Dass simply chose to live his life as a man of service to God.

How can this extreme devotion
demonstrate a path to recovery
for suffering addicts and their families.

 addicts do recover
Yoga thinking can free
New Jersey addicts and alcoholics

Can we observe and incorporate some of these principles into our personal lives.

Yoga thinking can free New Jersey addicts and alcoholics.

Yoga for mental health, body reconditioning, and holistic treatment of addiction.

Cutting edge addiction and mental health treatment is based on…..

1. Medical Stabilization – that agrees with American Medical Standards.

2. Establishing spoken and implied atmosphere of respect, food, & comfort.

3. Attention span sensitive sessions (hearing others talk & reveal a little)

4. Develop mutual respect between the resident and their counselor.

5. Philosophy, explore what your life means to you, connect to the body.

6. Think, Talk, & learn new ways to live and cope.

7. Begin to know how to go about becoming the person you want to be.

The yoga practice is self discipline, that makes your body strong
and clears the mind. Look and feel so much better.
Some yoga is mental and some is physical.
There is walking yoga, smiling yoga, the yoga of stretching, and poses.

Comfortable & Safe Medical Detox, Rehab – take a break, go to the Southern California Beach Area Treatment Center – Often it changes people’s lives.
If you love someone who needs help,
call for a love and respect based intervention.
949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109

All things are created twice.
First in mind
Then in action
Turned on and tuned in with payer.
I treat and move my feet
mindful thought,
grace filled action

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