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Pet Friendly Rehab San Juan Capistrano

Pet-Friendly Rehab

WI Recovery offers Pet-Friendly Rehab services. Whether certified service animal or loyal rescued mutt, we understand your relationship with your pet. Pets help people recover and live more balanced lives. Do you or your loved one experience panic or anxiety when separated from your pet? Has your loved one declined treatment without their pet? If you seek detox, treatment, or sober living with your pet, we can help.

Pet Friendly Rehab

Pets Motivate Us

Almost every pet owner out there will tell you that their animal companion enriches their life in more ways than they can count, but it turns out that pets actually help prolong our lives too. It’s only natural to assume that entering detox and recovery with your pet will provide countless benefits too:

  • Pets provide motivation
  • Pets help us stay healthy
  • Pets reduce stress

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” (Unknown)

Pets Give Unconditional Love

We understand the irreplaceable therapeutic benefits of having your pet with you during treatment. Pets give the gifts of acceptance, unconditional love, and non-judgment. Their companionship is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress.


Pet Friendly Rehab

Pets Provide Companionship

Pets Provide Companionship

Not only do pets make great companions, they also make it easier to relate and socialize with other people. Pets are a great topic of conversation and a shared interest. Having pets around builds community and creates a relaxed and healing environment for recovery.

Pets Restore Trust

People struggling with addiction and mental health issues often lack trust in themselves and other people. The responsibility of taking care of a pet can help clients cultivate empathy, rebuild trust and confidence, and feel open to receiving help.

Owning a pet is a major responsibility and should NEVER be the sole focus of recovery. Pets require time, energy, love, and attention. In addition, pets bring additional financial responsibilities. Many find sober living with pets gives a healthy, positive outlet and a way to fill time previously used for substance abuse.

Pet-Friendly Sober Rehab Orange County CA

Pet Friendly Rehab

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