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Intervention for Suicidal Alcoholic Depression

Suicidal Alcoholic Depression Intervention Saved my Life Orange County

Intervention saved my life!

Alcoholics are sick people in need of direction. Hey,  I needed a push. I was killing myself for the longest time.  I used drugs and alcohol, and I could stop but I could never stay stopped. I could quit drinking for a month but then I’d start again for no good reason. I’d take pain pills for the hangovers then the pills took me. The cycle continued. I’d take pills to get off booze, then drink the booze to get off the pills. I was still in denial.

Covert – Suicidal Ideation
Alcoholic Depression 

I was aware of Alcoholics anonymous and I attended meetings from time to time. I didn’t connect with the people in the meetings. I guess it’s true you must stop using before the program will work.

One morning my wife said she’d leave if I didn’t get help. But I continued using for a few more weeks. Then on a Saturday in August, I came home and saw two moving vans in front of our house.

My wife was leaving me.

I was so distraught all I could do was drink, use and hide. This went on for a few months. I started living in just two rooms of my large house, the bedroom and the kitchen. I only left to get beer or pills. I was a prisoner in my home and I hated what I had become.

I started to think about suicide.

Intervention Saved my Life

A friend continued to check in on me occasionally.
One time he visited then concluded I needed help to he save my life.

My friend came with an interventionist and after two hours of loving discussion I agreed to go to residential treatment.

intervention alcoholism

At the Brink of Death You Stepped In

When I made the decision for treatment, my life started to get better and hope slowly began to enter my thinking again. I completed a 90 day residential treatment program and I was excited to be alive and well.

Today I have a life rich with friends and family. I have a spiritual connection that helps me overcome any problem I face.

It’s up to me to stand on that bridge. It’s up to me to give of my heart. Just let me get a new start.

I must learn how to forgive.

Love is my decision. It’s up to me to dance down the road.

Love is my decision. I know I can lighten my load.

And once I decide to change my mind, God will show me how.

Love is my decision, My decision, right here and now.

Make the decision to reach out for help.

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This is what we have learned.

Changing on your own is not likely.

Get started with comfortable medical detox and a course of treatment

You have the rest of your life to live sober. Getting sober is where it starts. Staying sober take some skills and support.

As a long term student of recovery, this is what I have learned, and believe to be the highest truth.

Today life is good, it can be good for you again,

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