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Insurance for Rehab that is better than medical:

Get Health Insurance Options! Medical does not cover mental health benefits!

Get Rehab Insurance


Active Drug and Alcohol abusers are sick people especially when they are also experiencing a mental illness or personality disorder. Drug and alcohol abusers are not their best selves: mentally, physically, or spiritually. Folks coping with a mental illness or personality disorder need help and can be treated. Using mind-altering chemicals increases the symptoms of mental illnesses, especially when the person is under the influence of the drug. This is a type of dual diagnosis. Get private Rehab Insurance!

There is help. There are options.





Get Rehab Insurance

For Americans with disabilities, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) promises to be a great civil rights advance. The ACA has been highly politicized and debated. It is difficult to discuss without triggering intense reactions. The ACA contains a key phrase, “…ability to reach their full potential.” It is vital for disabled individuals to examine what that means. Whatever the political climate, NOW is the time when you or your loved one with drug, alcohol, and/or mental disabilities can get the help needed.

Health Care and Medical are no longer a privilege. Health Care and Medical  is available to everyone and at little or no cost to you. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Insurance is affordable. Drug or Alcohol Rehab provides “a chance” to change the course of you or a loved one’s life. Open enrollment period for insurance is approaching. Get Rehab Insurance. Now is the time to act.

Call us to buy insurance, plan treatment, or arrange rehab admission. Call or Text 949-324-6132. Insurance experts are standing by who understand policies, payments, and options. Many plans offer drug and alcohol treatment options with or without mental illness or personality disorders. Give the gift of recovery to you or your loved one: ACA insurance covers Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. There is help. Get Rehab Insurance.

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    WIRecoveryNEW2015 says:

    I’ve helped a number of addicts in need by getting them into private insurance. It is a long term solution to a long term problem.


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