dyslexia and treatment

Dyslexia and Addiction Treatment

Dyslexia and Addiction

Dyslexic Police again.
Being different from the majority is not a mental inferiority.
Learning disability often means a person’s perceptions are not ranking high in the curve of the majority. 


 It is important to realize that learning disabilities can affect an individual’s life beyond displaying symptoms of Visual Perception/Visual Motor Deficit Disorder.
Dyslexia · ‎Dyscalculia · ‎Dysgraphia · ‎ADHD

Can dealing with dyslexia increase a child’s risk of being marginalized socially?
Social pressure can put him at risk of using drugs and alcohol to mask feelings of inadequacy.

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Dual Diagnosis

Socially Marginalized

Now Hear This.

Some people don’t spell,
no matter how many times they learn how.
Phonix does not compute is certain brains.

Learning Disability

Dyslexia Examples

Dyslexia and Treatment: Examples of Childhood Challenges

Most people with dyslexia struggle with spelling.
Facing serious obstacles while coping with this learning disability.
Individuals with dyslexia have “conspicuous problems” with spelling and writing.
In spite of being capable in other areas.
Many individuals learn to read fairly well, but difficulties with spelling (and handwriting) tend to persist throughout life.
Education, accommodation, task modification, and understanding from those who teach or work with these individuals are required. 

Dyslexia and Substance Abuse: Dual Diagnosis

Standard variations in levels of intelligence and potential to succeed. Nevertheless, many children grow up feeling ignored, left behind or neglected in school.
Dyslexia can increase a child’s risk of being marginalized socially.
Social pressures can put him or her at risk of using drugs or alcohol to mask feelings of isolation and depression.
These feelings often continue through adolescence and into adulthood — along with the substance abuse.
Dyslexic adults may hesitate to pursue higher education or advance professionally.
Finding positive solutions is the key to avoiding the substance abuse issues that can accompany this issue.

Isolation and Depression

The co-occurrence of a learning disability and a substance abuse problem is known as a Dual Diagnosis.
The successful treatment of a Dual Diagnosis requires careful attention to both problems.
Treating alcoholism or drug abuse while overlooking a learning disorder like dyslexia won’t lead to total healing.
For more information on Dual Diagnosis and treatment options, please look here:


Many have accepted themselves as they are and live as happy, useful, productive members of society.
There are dyslexic people in business today that are giants of industry.


If you are a good speller – Be grateful that your brain accepts the language of this society, of this planet.
Mine is a constant guessing game, and I so often guess wrong.


Is Addiction Psychosomatic?

If you are a good speller – Be grateful that your brain accepts the language of this society.
Links addiction and dyslexia.
Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). A psychosomatic disorder is a disease which involves both mind and body

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Discovering the issues that created depression is empowering information.
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