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Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) vs 12-Step Recovery Programs

Drug Replacement Therapy DRT vs 12-Step Recovery programs:

Drugs such as methadone or suboxone can relieve cravings for more serious street drugs.

12 step programs work at removing all chemicals from the mind and body.

Drug Replacement Therapy for opiate addicts makes a person comfortable and not in withdrawal by replacing a drug of addiction with a more stable drug.


Opioid drug replacement therapy ORT can also be called opioid substitution therapy OST or opioid maintenance therapy which is a medically prescribed drug treatment that involves replacing an illegal opioid, such as heroin, with a longer acting but less euphoric opioid; methadone or buprenorphine are typically used.

Using drug replacement therapy for opiate and heroin addicts

Methadone in Pill Form

Blockers so if you use you don’t get high – naltrexone ?? ETOL – bulimia ??

Narcon – knocks the opiates out

Antabuse – it makes you sick

Great tools – but on a case by case basis you have got to be really aware.

Many doctors will keep you on it forever.

I have talked to the parents and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics professionally as an addiction treatment counselor.   If one can maintain on a more stable drug used on a regular schedule as a medication rather than living in active addiction which involves adventures in increasing tolerance. The need for higher dosages to, stay “well” = comfortable & not in withdrawal – leads to lies, borrowing, can require selling your personal belongings, selling your family and friends valuables, then on to various levels of crimes and indignities.

It’s for detox……. But I know I was better off on methadone than I was on heroin…… DRT Drug Replacement Therapy – Is not what I want for myself today. But at one time, I was too sick to be clean. Not everybody gets to live the way we do.  DRT cuts crime and lessens the burden of addiction on society and on the individual life.

My personal choice and what I have been given is the grace to maintain is total abstinence through 12 step programs in-conjunction with my spiritual path for over 10 years.

I am a recovering addict. My drugs of choice – heroin, methadone, and pills.

I’ve also used meth, coke and always alcohol though painkillers were my first love.

I am able to identify with other opiate addicts.

I know at one time I was much more functional and able to work when I was on Methadone. I once believed that as long as I was off of heroin or meth that I was doing fine. But, I always continued to drink or smoke pot daily and even use cocaine on the weekends. The methadone maintenance cut down on my criminal activities because I did not need as much money to support my drugs and had time to hold a regular job.

Opiate replacements like methadone or suboxone will still keep you high.

I needed a change of my thought system and a spiritual awakening. I was not even close to being clear enough to be able to use my brain’s higher functions while I was intoxicated on these replacement drugs.

Thank God I am clean today. The 12 step programs are maybe not for everybody. Any stabilization a junkie can manage makes the world a safer place for themselves and others. When I was on methadone that was all I was ready to do for myself at that time and it cut down my menacing activities by about 60 or 70%.

Suboxone for Opiate and Heroin Detox

Suboxone is Very Widely Used and Accepted

So suboxone is a favorable solution for society as a whole and for the addict. If this is all that want for yourself or your loved one it is better than daily crimes for street drugs.

If you are an addict or the loved one of an addict making the decision to go on suboxone versus getting detox and treatment to get clean; be sure you understand suboxone is settling for controlled active addiction. There are only 2 choices for an addict!

Active addiction: Where we are  considered a derelict and someone with an untreated and  progressive, eventually fatal mental and physical illness.


Recovery: A renewal of body, mind, and spirit where we take our place among the living; pursuing our right to happiness.

Please understand that if suboxone or methadone is all you can handle right now, then it is something a little better. Suboxone is also giving up, saying you have no sight of yourself as a person among persons.

I say go to treatment. If you get on suboxone, get off as soon as you can (which is easier planned than done) Treatment centers give you suboxone for maybe 10 days or a little longer, that’s all you need for detox, really I know, I kicked many times in my 16 years of using.

Wits Inn Addiction Recovery Services in Orange County, California

Wits Inn Recovery Understands How to Get Addicts Clean

Kicking is terrifying, but from one addict to another I can promise you it is not that bad at all in a treatment center with all of the new medication cocktail mixtures the well informed Doctors are using. It is much easier now than it used to be. If you can get a suboxone cocktail while you stay at a detox, treatment center, residential whatever type of place where you live in for detox and as long of term treatment as you can get. Suboxone from a doctor as an outpatient is just another drug of abuse most every time, even when you mean to use it to get clean.

Addicts do recover. It can be done and it is wonderful. Never give up on yourself, even in the face of the people giving up on us. You were born a perfect child of God and have a right to all of the best you can get for yourself, just like every other person on the planet. This is you life, your time to be alive, and you are not bound by the past. Recovery is about establishing a relationship with the here and now. I love you. I and plenty of people like me are waiting for you, wanting help you in the rooms of AA & NA.

Call Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, ask the operator for AA central office or NA central office in the big city near you, ask where the meetings are in your area. Call your parents for money for treatment, call the county Dept. of Drugs and Alcohol or your county Dept. of Mental Health, or look up, they have referrals for free detoxes.

Get yourself safe, get tough, any idiot on the street can use and live the life of a looser.

Reach deep inside, say a little prayer (whether you believe it will work or not).

You can have any life you want, you are the one who chooses, only you!

Demand the good life that is yours to have.


Loriann W.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Sobriety date 9-5-1987

Loriann Witte, CAC, RAS, NCDAI


(949) 292-2000) Office

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    This creates stress.
    Unresolved stress can manifest as addiction.
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