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Alcohol and Marriage San Juan Capistrano CA


Alcohol ruined my marriage.  It started with “I do” and some champagne, then it certainly progressed. Drinking consumes the life of the alcoholic. The consequence train was rolling and I was on it. 

My Wife Is Leaving I Can’t Stop Drinking.

I had my first drink at 12 years old with my cousin. We had a friend buy us a pint of tequila and I got so drunk I crawled home. My parents fast discovered I was drunk and put me to bed with a bucket to use when I got sick. I remember the warm feeling of the tequila going down and the euphoric way I felt when I started to get high. I loved it. I didn’t drink again for a few years and when I did, it was on. When I started I could not stop until the booze was gone or I passed out. This went on for years,

I would binge drink on the weekends. I would black out and get into lots of trouble. I always got drunk at the worst possible moment, embarrass myself and my family. The pain from all the problems I created was nothing compared to the emotional pain I suffered. I would come-to after a night of drinking and I’d look outside to see if my car was in the driveway. If the car was there I’d muster up the courage to go check it for damage. I’d pray under my breath that I hadn’t hit anything or anyone. I couldn’t live with myself and I couldn’t stop drinking. Alcohol is cunning, baffling, and powerful. I often thought of suicide to end my pain. The truth is that my drinking was a slow suicide. I hated myself and my life. I lost interest in everything I loved. I was hopeless. Over the years I tried to stop on my own but I could not stop drinking. My Wife Is Leaving I Can’t Stop Drinking!

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Alcohol Takes Everything Worthwhile in Life

One Sunday morning I came-to after a night of drinking, I staggered into the living room still drunk from the night before. My family confronted me. An intervention. After few hours with my family and their letters describing the pain my drinking created, I finally surrendered and agreed to go to an alcohol treatment facility. I went that day and I’m so glad I did. The medical detox was the gift I needed and in just a few days I was feeling better. In a month I started feeling great. I had hope again. In the therapy sessions I faced the demons in my head. My problems started to lose the power they had over me. The problems I had ignored were solvable. I started to repair the damage I had done to my family.

My wife and I decided to repair our marriage and going to rehab was the best decision I’ve made. I wish I would have gone to rehab sooner. Today I’m sober 3 years and my life is wonderful. I have my life back and my family is whole again.

~ JJ

If you can’t stop drinking please call us we can help. 949-292-2000


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