lasting sobriety

Effective Sober Skills Long Term Recovery California

The Goal of Rehab 

is to achieve Long Term Recovery 

To Change your Thinking

Change Your Life
How to Develop Effective Sober Skills for 

Long Term Recovery

Long Term Sobriety equals Peace of Mind

Long Term Recovery
California Rehab 

Learning how to live a sober life beyond treatment is absolutely critical!
Long Term Recovery is the real goal

I talk to people who have relapsed after a course of treatment.
Some have gone back to using after having had some sobriety.
They often sound so embarrassed & disillusioned.

Desperately wanting people to understand they know everything about getting sober. They surely were good students in the previous program and don’t need much help now.

The ego tells us to

Humble or Ego

Long Term Recovery
            Teachable vs Ego Sure

cover up pain and pull ourselves up with our intelligence.
No amount of self knowledge can save us.

Long Term Recovery comes by repeating the same little tasks day after day.

One doesn’t only learn sober living skills.
We have to walk the walk & talk the talk one day at a time.
For as long as you want to stay sober.
Everyday One Day at a Time
Ego works against you









Ego Mind Thinking

                Long term recovery is a gift for the humble

Humility allows us to practice sober living skills

Often we need to find work –
Just a job –
Not back to our career – for a while.
Just to let the bloated ego rest

Being productive and humble in recovery
is absolutely critical! 

The ego must be tamed.
The unbridled mind stirs what is best left alone.

At Wits Inn Addiction Recovery Services of Orange County, California we believe that long-term sobriety and success in recovery are possible for everyone.

We invite you to experience addiction treatment on a whole new level.

I. Catagories

  1. Drug & Alcohol Treatment.
  2. Inpatient & Outpatient Drug Rehab Services.
  3. Addiction Recovery.
  4. Detox medicine assisted comfortable detox referrals.
  5. Drug Testing.
  6. Therapy and intensive outpatient.
  7. Counseling specializing in PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  8. Life Coaching coping skills and activities of daily living.
  9. Psychiatry and psychology
  10. Holistic healing – diet and exercise
  11. Massage – Accupunture – Chiropractic
  12. Active outdoors life in the community and at the beach
  1. Our ideal clients (the people we love dealing with and want more of)
    1. Have Strong family support or need to learn to parent themselves
    2. They may Need an intervention understand they need help
    3. Ability to pay cash or use their private health insurance
    4. Need to take a look at their drinking or using and try another way of life
  1. Our client’s common traits?
    1. Want one stop shop (intervention, treatment, aftercare)
    2. English/Spanish speaking programs
    3. Anyone who seeks help for addiction recovery
  1. We offer education and support that can help you to learn how to develop sober living skills
    1. Interventions
    2. Sober living
    3. Intensive Outpatient treatment
    4. Residential treatment
    5. Case Management
    6. Adolescents
    7. Cash and Insurance Treatment Placement
    8. Detox Medicine assisted or social model referrals
    9. Chaperoned Client assisted travel
    10. Court Liaison services
  1. Our referral services
    1. Interventions & Transports
    2. Home Detox referrals
    3. Detox & Treatment placements
    4. Sober Living and aftercare
    5. Intensive Out Patient
  1. The key benefits of our services. The pain recovery solves with the treatment for these clients can clear the way to (end fear of failure, relieve them from the fear of financial insecurity, finding sober friend and support, feeling successful, new found health in recovery eases many specific health conditions) – Seemingly insurmontable problems become solved for people in the addiction recovery programs. Sobriety, support of the group, education, and a state of well being “help” so many issues become a part of the past as we learn to “live in today”  You have identified the problem and began learning about how you solve your issues, you also address the benefit of the benefit. The 12-step programs are said to bring miracles.
    1. The treatment team assumes the education and care for the client taking stress away from family.  Removes the burden and typical tension between client and family members.  Places client into a positive and clean environment which allows the program to work on solving core, emotional, mental, and family issues driving the behaviors.
    2. Addressing these areas give the client the appropriate coping skills necessary to handle life issues without drugs and alcohol.
    3. 949-292-2000
  1. Our unique proposition as a referral source or the core differentiator from other treatment center help lies is we are working with multiple treatment settings from coast to coast.  Why should someone use WI Treatment Referral services or come to us instead of going somewhere else (or click away)?  You don’t have to make all of those phone calls, searching for what you want or you can afford. Call Wits Inn and we will do the research for you. Get you what you want and need, working with your private health insurance or your cash budget.
    1. Low-Cost Treatment Alternative Solutions
    2. High end Rehabs with the amenities you want
    3. Provide Case Management Model, we will follow your aftercare programs
    4. English/Spanish Programs
    5. Utilize the Experiential Treatment Model / live your way into better thinking
    6. Referrals to Programs for Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric
    7. Referrals address the Treatment of all Addictions
    8. Continue to Work with clients where other Treatment facilities give up


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